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Product Description

This creation is inspired by the legendary Japanese monster - Tengu, combined with the shape of a duck, creating the "Tengu Duck". This uniquely styled piece can be used as an incense holder, paperweight, or even as a decoration, adding a special touch to your home or workspace.

Additionally, there are two different sizes available to choose from! If you're a fan of Japanese monster culture or unique designs, you definitely won't want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece.

About the Aroma Stone:

The capillary properties of Plaster allow it to absorb essential oils and spread fragrance. All you have to do is add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the Fragrance Stone and the scent will gradually spread, relaxing your tired mind.

Principle of Aroma Diffusion:

Plaster has numerous capillary pores that can absorb moisture from the air and regulate indoor and outdoor humidity to diffuse the aroma. When the humidity inside the Aroma Stone is higher than the air, it releases moisture and spreads the fragrance. When the humidity is lower than the air, the aroma diffusion effect is less noticeable. In that case, spraying some water on the surface can enhance the aroma diffusion function.

Tips for Using

  1. Using essential oils may leave marks, which is normal. To avoid marks, drop the essential oil on the less noticeable back surface.
  2. The volatilization effect of essential oils depends on:

- The type of essential oil you use: pure essential oil, fragrance essential oil, or perfume, which have different purity and volatilization properties (perfume has a higher volatilization rate and the scent fades faster; pure essential oils have less diffusion and the scent is less noticeable; liquid fragrance essential oils are the most effective).

- The current environment: humidity, dryness, open spaces, and closed spaces all have an impact.

  1. The size of the fragrance stone affects the diffusion range.
  2. We can experience olfactory fatigue, so it's not necessary to use too much to enjoy the aromatherapy effect.
  3. To change the scent of the essential oil, soak the fragrance stone in water for 2-3 hours until the capillary pores are cleaned, then air-dry the fragrance stone in the sun.


Product Details

Product name: "Tengu-Duck"


Made of: Plaster

Product Usage: Incense Holder / Aroma Stone / Decoration / Paperweight

Availability: Ships internationally to most countries around the world.

Shipping Policy: For more information, see our Shipping Policy

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